VRU Conference: alcohol - fuel for violence?

9.15 am - 3.30pm, Tuesday 27 November, The Hub, Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NE

Alcohol related violence is a major issue for Scotland: it is a factor in 80% of weapons related injuries, 39,000 sexual assaults and half of all murders. It is responsible for 70% of assault admissions to A&E. Earlier this year, it was estimated  that drink related harm costs local authorities in Scotland £2bn each year.

But alcohol does not make people violent. Rather, it lowers our inhibitions, making us take risks we wouldn't take when sober. In three out of five incidents of violent crime, victims believed their attacker to be under the influence of alcohol. And in a third of incidents of violent crime, victims were under the influence of alcohol themselves.

How we tackle this issue, not just at the point of impact but in the days, months, years that can lead up to an incident of alcohol related violence, is the subject we will explore at this conference. Among those contributing will be Dr Aric Sigman, whose book Alcohol nation: how to protect our children from today's drinking culture looks at how alcohol and its use is an issue for us all.

Also speaking will be:

  • Nicola Barry, whose book Mother's Ruin charts her doctor mother's battle with alcohol and the impact it had on her childhood
  • Paul Bartlett of alcoholic drinks manufacturer C&C Group, who will speak about the industry and its responsibilities
  • Allan Weaver, ex offender and author of So You Think You Know Me?, who will examine the link between alcohol and ideas of masculinity

The conference is free. To reserve a place, please email violence.reduction@scotland.pnn.police.uk or call the office on 0141 532 5847.