VRU and Chief Constable of Scotland pledge to "keep up pressure" on domestic abuse

The Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) has pledged to help keep up the pressure on domestic abusers following today’s publication of domestic abuse statistics by the Scottish Government.

Figures in the publication Domestic Abuse Recorded by the Police in Scotland 2010 – 11 and 2011 – 12 show a seven per cent increase in recorded incidents of domestic abuse.

Detective Chief Superintendent John Carnochan, co-director of the VRU, said:

“What today’s figures show is not only that the police know more than ever about domestic abuse and where it’s happening, but also that more incidents are being reported, not just by victims but by others – people across Scotland are becoming less tolerant of this wicked behaviour. This is due in large part to the fantastic work being done by police and partners, from Medics Against Violence training dentists to support victims to Children 1st raising awareness of child victims and our own Mentors in Violence Prevention Scotland programme teaching people how to tackle the behaviour that can lead to domestic abuse.

“Domestic abuse is unacceptable to most right minded people in 21st century Scotland. The VRU will work with police, partners and communities to help tackle it, support victims to report and keep up the pressure on those who think it is acceptable.”

The pledge, which comes ahead of the domestic abuse phase of the VRU’s Anti-Violence Campaign in December, was backed by Steve House, the new Chief Constable of Scotland.

He said:

“Police forces across Scotland have been relentless in tackling what is the most heinous of crimes. The work they have carried out in partnership with groups like the VRU, Scottish Women’s Aid, Assist and a host of others has been invaluable in helping raise awareness, increase reporting and lower tolerance of domestic abuse. As we go forward to one force, we will keep up that relentlessness – we will be unremitting both in our pursuit of those who carry out such crimes and in our support of those who suffer as a result.

“I believe we will never truly tackle violence until we tackle domestic abuse. The fact we know for every incident that is recorded there are many more victims out there still suffering is intolerable. Police forces across Scotland have shown their commitment to tackling domestic abuse and I promise that commitment will continue wholeheartedly. Domestic abuse cannot and will not be tolerated.”